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Meet The Maker: Brooklyn Bell Tower

Meet The Maker is a blog series devoted to getting to know our makers, one-on-one. This week we talked to Kate of Brooklyn Bell Tower. Her colorful prints of Brooklyn landscapes brighten up our homes!


How did you create Brooklyn Bell Tower?

My fiancé and I moved into the bell tower of a church-converted-residence. The space was so special, I began blogging about my projects, which started with home improvement and little art pieces I was doing. When I decided to register as a business, I named it after my blog, Brooklyn Bell Tower.


What’s challenging and rewarding about running a small business?

The most challenging part is probably deciding where to start. Once a product, painting, or design is in motion, it's just a matter of allocating time for the next step. Seeing and hearing that people like something I made is always rewarding, but I make things because I want to make things - that’s how I've always been.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Right here, of course! I like to incorporate exploring in my daily routine, like taking a different route to work, or walking over the bridge. I really can’t sit and just watch television. We live in a moving, buzzing epicenter of entertainment. Go out and take a walk!


What’s your favorite piece you’ve made?

The screen-printed Brooklyn landscape has had an interesting lifespan. Funny, it started as a series of doodles I would do during conference calls. I eventually began scanning the pages of my sketchbook and pieced them together. The landscape and its many iterations became the artwork I used to burn a few prints.


What are the best/worst things about living in Brooklyn?

The best thing about living in Brooklyn is being among some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and friends! I have acquired the most wonderful network of friends since I moved here ten years ago. The worst parts are laundry and grocery shopping, two regular obligations that are significantly more irritating than if I lived basically anywhere else.


Do you have a favorite Brooklyn restaurant/bar?

Pok Pok!


Citi Bikes are taking up a bit of Brooklyn. Whatcha think about them?

They're fine. I ride my own bike to the office every day, and discovered it’s faster than the subway. Just be polite on a bike!


If you could listen to one song on repeat, what would it be?

“Mighty” by Lord Huron. I listened to it a lot during a trip to Thailand.


Pick your poison: apple cider, or hot cocoa?

Hot cocoa for sure!


Best piece of advice you’ve given or received?

A designer from an internship I did told me that there's always more than one solution, you just have to find one and do it. If it doesn't work, find another. Maybe it was the timing when he said that, but it was an enormous relief to acknowledge. And of course, from my mom: eat less sugar!

Meet The Maker: Mixed Made

Meet The Maker is a blog series devoted to getting to know our makers, one-on-one. This week we talked to Casey of Mixed Made. He spices up our lives with his delectable spicy honey, hot maple syrup, and scorching gochujang sriracha!


What drove you to create Mixed Made?

MixedMade began as a 30-day experiment to see if we could start a business from scratch. The original idea was to complete the 30 days and maybe keep it running on the side for some pocket change. But within four months, it got to the point where I had to quit my job in order to keep up with demand for our first product, Bees Knees Spicy Honey. So an accidental hit was the driving force, but it's been an incredibly fun accident to have.


You and the rest of the MM team work remotely, where you’re stationed in Brooklyn and your partners operate out of San Francisco and Germany. How has the experience been?

I won't sugarcoat it, at times it's been pretty hard for me because I'm the only one physically here in Brooklyn and I shoulder most of the pressure. But the majority of the time it works, and it's amazing to be a part of a very 2015 business, where we use lots of technology to reach one goal from three time zones.


Spicy Honey has become a big trend within the year. What do you like to pair with your spicy products?

I love Bees Knees on cheese, especially a soft ricotta or a strong blue. Also phenomenal on pizza--I can't eat a slice without it. And it’s great on biscuits or cornbread, drizzled on granola, or over ice cream. Trees Knees Spicy Syrup is also wonderful on cheese--think a melted brie with chopped walnuts. It’s also the best on chicken and waffles, and it’s perfect now that we're in prime veggie roasting season. Honestly, I just love it drizzled on my pancakes. There's a reason why we use the hashtag #greatonanything!


Any cool cocktails we can make with spicy syrup/honey at home?

So many! Bees Knees is awesome in a hot toddy, or make a spicy honey simple syrup (stir together equal parts hot water and Bees Knees) to replace triple sec in margaritas. But my very favorite cocktail is a Maple Sage Daiquiri I made for an event at By Brooklyn this past summer. Shake together 2 oz. rum, 1 oz. lime juice, 1 oz. Trees Knees Spicy Syrup, and four torn sage leave with 1/2 cup ice and strain into a rocks glass. It's sweet, subtly spicy, and very addicting.


What Brooklyn restaurant do you love the most?

Roberta's. I love the old school pizza places like Di Fara Pizza, but Roberta's is home to me. Almost literally--I live down the street!


Brooklyn is home to some pretty rad landmarks. Have a favorite?

I've lived in Bushwick for a long time, which means I'm constantly starving for some nature. So I have to pick Prospect Park. Every inch of it.


What are your thoughts on bodega cats?

I couldn't and wouldn't live in a New York that didn't have them.


Are you more of a savory, or sweet person?

I tend towards savory, but I'll never say no to dessert.


What’s your go-to karaoke song?

I hate karaoke. Why suffer the awkwardness and embarrassment? I'd rather go dancing, so I'll answer this by saying my dance floor jam is "Losing You" by Solange.


Best piece of advice you’ve given or received?

"The key to success is the graceful execution of Plan B." I've had to remind myself of that a lot this year.

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