By Brooklyn is the discerning shoppers' final destination for quality goods manufactured in Brooklyn. By exclusively selling Brooklyn made products, By Brooklyn promotes and protects the Brooklyn brand, supports local manufacturing and champions local job creation. 

By Brooklyn is a proud supporter of the Brooklyn Made certification program, quantitative, exclusive measurement of product authenticity that signals quality to consumers. It represents a platform for businesses to market and differentiate their products while promoting local business activity and engagement.  We are proud to host many Brooklyn Made products on our shelves and encourage YOU to certify your product, no matter how big or small, as Brooklyn Made.

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Gaia DiLoreto

Gaia DiLoreto is the founder and CEO of By Brooklyn which opened in April of 2011. Prior to opening the shop she excelled in the corporate finance industry including Merrill Lynch, Rothschild and Tower Group Companies. As a recovering corporate finance robot she reinvented her career through her studies at the Institute of Culinary Education.

In addition to being the owner of By Brooklyn, Gaia is a member of the Executive Board of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the Brooklyn Made Advisory Board. She also hosts dog parties as fundraisers for local animal rescue organizations.Gaia received a bachelor of arts from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.



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